Paneles de la Industria

Panel “The documentary as a cultural manifestation” – Jorge Dalton, Suzy Caula, Iván Pérez Carrión y Rienzi Pared Pérez.
26.01.2017 – 9:00 a. m. / Intercontinental Hotel (Lincoln 1)

To develop the use of the low resources and obtaining professional results as one of the main keys of the documentary genre. As well as an overview of the recent Salvadoran and Cuban film production that has the documentary as the main genre to be developed.

Panel “Writing for Documentary Script” – Johanné Gómez.
30.01.2017 – 3:00 p. m. / Intercontinental Hotel (Lincoln 2)

Documentary as fiction requires writing. The script for this genre is moldable material, rewritten at each stage, from conception to assembly. We approach the documentary script as a sculptural figure. Initially we define the material to work, then we look for the shape, chiseling the reality.